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There are  many options available in the sign industry, and ceiling graphics are one of the most visually diverse. Whether you are looking to distract patients in a doctor’s office or you want to deliver promotional material to a retail setting, our team can design, fabricate, and install a ceiling graphic package for your needs!

Providing Comfort

Ceiling graphics are the obvious choice when you work in a medical profession that involves your patients having to lie on their backs the majority of the time. All health professionals are trained in helping patients calm their nerves, but ceiling graphics are a relatively new approach. Distraction is a proven method of helping nervous patients, and ceiling graphics can be an excellent way of diverting a patient’s attention from the work at hand. This is helpful to the patient,  but also makes working easier for health professional and support staff alike.

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Retail stores can use ceiling graphics for relaying promotional material, directions to a specific section, and even to relay information about a featured product. They can be bright, visually appealing graphics, or neat and legible lettering. Ask us to learn more about what will work for your retail needs!

Long-Lasting Results

These graphics can be used for short terms needs or for long term goals, depending on the specific desires of your company. Companies can use these graphics for event promotions, sales delivery, industry relevant images, natural landscapes, and even fun designs for pediatric use. Whatever need you have for ceiling graphics, we are prepared to make your graphic package productive, and effective in bringing about the results that you are looking for!



We offer a 100% free estimate on custom signs for businesses.  We offer discounts to first time customers, as well as new business owners interested in one of our branding packages.


First, we create a mock up of what your sign will look like installed, using a picture of your building or vehicle, so you’ll know what your sign will look like before we even start building it.


Using only the best quality materials and some of the most advanced sign making equipment in the industry, we build your sign in our shop and get it ready for installation.


Our installation team of certified technicians installs your sign typically withing 1-3 business days, depending on the size and scope of the project.  All our work is 100% quality guaranteed.

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Turn your storefront windows into a marketing and branding experience.
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Take your brand and message on the go, and reach 1000s of people daily.
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Monument signs help guide customers from the road to your front doors.

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